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The Art of Hot Stone Massage

Nature’s Stones, Inc. is proud to present our full body hot stone massage protocol in this classic video. Power up your massage practice learn the thermogentic benefits of using hot stones to provide a deep relaxing, therapeutic massage with this continuing education DVD. Our protocol has been enjoyed around the world in acclaimed Spas and Resorts. Realize your greatest potential; let this hot stone protocol bring success to your practice.

The Art of Hot Stone Facials

The thermogenic and energetic benefits of the stones turn facials into therapeutic sessions designed to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. The  use of both hot and cold stones, plus booties and mitts and Chakra stones transform an ordinary facial into a total relaxation experience. Our therapeutic hot stone facial video is designed for estheticians and cosmetologists.  Basic knowledge of how to perform a facial is a prerequisite for learning the Nature’s Healing Stone Therapy® Hot Stone Facial. The DVD offers up-close camera shots for ease in viewing the  hands and hot stones in motion.  Be inspired and enhance your practice with this hot stone protocol that has been taught in prestigious spas and resorts across the country.

The Art of Hot Stone Foot and Hand Massage

Nature’s Stones, Inc. presents an innovative treatment in our original video. Learn how to transform your everyday pedicure and manicure into a full-body experience. The relaxing heat of hot stones and the addition of our NEXAUNA, Booties, Mitts, and Belly Pouch holding hot stones will bring you an unforgettable treatment. This protocol was created to give Nail Technicians the opportunity to offer a spa treatment to their clients and to realize their greatest potential. The name of this video was changed from The Art of Hot Stone Pedicures and Manicures to reflect the potential for massage therapists to perform the massage portion of this DVD.

The Art of Hot Stone Reflexology

Nature’s Stones, Inc. was the first to develop this new protocol for the use of hot stones and reflexology! Hot stones greatly increase the reflexology process by improving the blood flow that hastens the response and lessens the sometimes-painful reflex points. This video will teach the “serious professional” how to save their thumbs and work with less pressure while increasing the benefits of the reflex pathways.  Information equals power; be informed, be inspired, be effective with this continuing education DVD. Produced by a two-time Emmy winner this video is clear and easy to view. Basic knowledge of Reflexology is suggested.

The Art of Cool Lift Face Massage

Discover a NEW ‘cross-over’ beauty procedure that will make your clients feel refreshed and look wonderful. Learn a face massage protocol using cold marble stones and hot basalt stones that help to release minor lines and reduce the look of stress on the face.  Expand your repertoire of spa and massage skills with hot and cold stone techniques.  This DVD features up-close video footage of massage strokes and stone manipulation accompanied by expert narration. Cold marble stones activate energy points and a nourishing honey lotion combines with massage techniques to create a temporary face-lift. This protocol is designed for Estheticians, Cosmetologists and Massage Therapists. For a hands-on seminar see the Education section for a seminar schedule.

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