Special Trigger Point Release Massage Set

Trigger Point Special

This special package gives you a giant step toward adding Trigger Point Release massage therapy, one of the most advanced techniques, to your practice. It includes the brand new, professional-produced video, with techniques demonstrated  by Dr. Joseph Maio, the complete accompanying Trigger Point Release manual, one basalt Y-tool and one marble Y-tool, a $145.88 value, for the reduced price of $125.00. The description of the DVD follows:

Create the ultimate therapeutic treatment with the techniques taught in this video.  This technique will allow you to relieve muscle spasms caused by everyday stress, repetitive injuries, sports injuries, and trauma.  This DVD features up-close video footage of releasing Trigger Points both with and without stones.

Dr. Joseph Maio shares his techniques for effectively releasing Triggers Points and discusses the relationship between the trigger points and their referred pain patterns.  He explains the factors that affect trigger points and muscle spasms as well as where to find them.  Dr. Maio teaches the correct pressure and the length of time to treat them with manual pressure and the use of hot and cold stones like the Y-Tool.

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