Executive Stress Relief Specials


exec_stress_ted_280WOffer your client a whole new experience with the Executive Stress Relief treatment.  This new protocol will lend a new direction for your practice, offering both hot and cold basalt and marble stones in a new and different way.  Treat your client to a deeper relaxation with incredible therapeutic, curative results.  Alternating hot and cold stones create a totally new vascular experience. With the included application of essential oils,  your client is led through an experience of complete satisfaction and relaxed surrender.

If you are in the Louisville area the first day of October, come to a free lecture and see a demonstration of the Executive Stress Relief treatment. You will also learn what else is new in the massage stone industry.  Get a free gift and an outline of this new protocol. The free lecture and demonstration will be held on October 1, 2010 at Advanced Therapeutic Massage School, Louisville, KY.  Click here to sign up or call to register: 215 364-4422

“I have been “playing ” with both the half hour and full hour executive stress release protocols that you shared with me. The response to them has been better than I ever expected. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My clients thank you too. More than one of them have told me that learning to use the stones was one of the best courses I could have studied. I agree…”
-Executive Stress Relief Practitioner

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