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Hot Stones Seminars

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Trigger Point Therapy

Dr. Maio is a chiropractor focusing on myofascial pain. This seminar includes a discussion of the structure of trigger points, a review of related anatomy and techniques for treating some of the most common muscle problems. The muscle areas covered in this seminar are sternocleidomastoid, levator scapulae, scalenes, trapezius, thoracic, low back, and shoulder. Students practice suggested treatment techniques for each problem area with personal guidance from Dr. Maio.

Causes of Trigger Points

This lecture will help the therapist understand why their client has re-occurring pain and trigger points and what the therapist can do to eliminate them. Learn what factors are causing postural disruptions such as forward translation of the neck, shoulders and hip rotation.  The therapist can learn how to help their client stay pain free. This material is made easy to understand, that the therapist can use the next day.

Symptomatic Assessment and Treatment Series

Common conditions of specific areas and muscles involved will be discussed. These manual hands-on courses will help the student recognize the symptoms, assess the problem area, and treat the appropriate muscles. Integrated therapies including neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release will be incorporated. Reducing a client’s pain is the key to a successful practice. As a health practitioner learn to power up your techniques by being informed, being effective, and being inspired.

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