Nature’s Stones Inc offers all you need for Hot Stone Massage, products for client and therapist safety and products to make your massage room the oasis you want it to be.


We offer textiles created by us and hand made for us in the USA to complement the use of stones. NSI holds a patent on the Nexauna, a hot stone drape, and has created booties, mitts, and wraps to prevent burning when placing hot stones on the body. The Hot Stone Pocket was created to keep stones warm as the therapist efficiently performs stone massage.

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We encourage the safe heating of stones in a stone heater. The use of towel warmers, crock pots and other appliances that are not specifically designated for heating stones can open liability issues.  The heaters we offer are designed for the professional massage therapist, they look nice in a massage room and maintain a constant water temperature. For additional safety, we recommend a separate temperature gauge.

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Oils and Creams:

The use of water soluble oils is recommended for use with stones. This allows for easy cleanup. If you use heavy oils or creams with the stones they will be difficult to clean and may harbor bacteria. Pure Pro Ultra lite oil is unscented and cleans up easily with a concentrated dish detergent.

We also offer a Honeylift lotion that we use in our Cool Lift Facial Rejuvenation protocol. It naturally, tightens and lifts without harsh chemicals. And a favorite of ours is the Peppermint Pedango Foot Balm, your clients will love it and so will you after a long day of massages!

Essential Oils are used in many of our stone protocols. Add oils to your services for a full spa experience.

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For cleaning stones and all your hard surfaces we recommend PureGreen24 Cleaners. It is all natural and non-toxic. It kills the nastiest of bugs, even ebola!  When it is time to clean your sheets be sure to use PurePro Orange Linen Degreaser in your wash machine, no more rancid smelling linens.

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Reflexology Aids:

Our Rubber Reflexology feet are a favorite of our clients because there are two feet with detailed labels of the reflexology points.

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