I finally sat down and looked at the website! It’s very nice, well worth worth all your time and effort. Thank you also for the class this weekend, it was such an enjoyable weekend, I love learning anything and everything.

I was apprehensive about the cool marble at first but after experiencing it, it makes perfect sense! I have worked with PT’s and the use of heat and ice, however the cool marble is much more soothing with the same effect. The techniques demonstrated this weekend will help me tremendously. A perfect “next step” from the first class. Thank you again! I look forward to June and also at some point taking the Hot stone reflexology.
~ Rose Ann Silveri

Once again I am indebted to you. The Basic Reflexology Course and The Hot Stone Reflexology put the effectiveness of my work and my intention into a new realm. I now have four of Nature’s Stones seminars completed. I am looking forward to the 5th in December. Each course gave me new tools with which to help my clients.  My clients have come to expect interesting and helpful techniques from me when I study with the “Stone Lady”. That’s quite impressive come that my clients not only want to know WHO I am learning from, but also look forward to reaping the benefits of the knowledge YOU impart. Very telling!!

Thanks to you and your teaching staff. All of you have made difficult material “graspable”, worthwhile, meaningful, and useful. I’d do all of them again and recommend them to anyone who wants to improve and grow in this field.
~ Ann Szumanski

Thank you for a great seminar. You are so gracious and have such positive energy. I am so pleased I took your course and am so looking forward to working with my stones.
~ Karen Moskowitz

I love giving stone therapy massage! Not only did your seminar give me the knowledge and insight for stone therapy, my clients are saying my regular massages have been the best ever! Thank you for a truly wonderful learning experience! I received more techniques and vibrating energy through your class over any other.

I just wanted to say thank you for hosting that awesome hot stone reflexology class yesterday. I LOVED IT!! I wasn’t thrilled with reflexology while I was in school, but this time around Patti made it enjoyable. I can’t wait to start working on my clients…
~ Patti Harris

I just wanted to thank you again for the Nature’s Stones Seminar this past weekend. I have already used them.

This is the BEST EVER! I don’t know that I’ll go back to NOT using the stones!

I feel like I am on Cloud 9 since taking this class. It has given me an entirely new perspective on my therapy and a new energy that I feel was lacking. I am looking at scheduling additional stone seminars and would be interested in taking more of your seminars.  What you and your team do is extraordinary and you are all very special, gifted people.

I wish you and your team all the best! Thank you again for everything.
~ Chris Vrabel

I just took your seminar a few weeks ago. What a wonderful experience it was! I gained so much and enjoyed learning everything with you and Judy! I feel so proud that I can say I completed what I felt was a top notch training. I had a chance to watch the Hot Stone Video that came with my package and love that I’m able to refresh my memory with it.

Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to another of your seminars.
~ Jen Haas

I’d just like to thank you so much for the excellent training! The class was much more than I expected and it was an awesome experience and a terrific technical training.

You are both very special and wonderful souls and it is this light shining through that creates the magic of the class. Thanks also for your gentle understanding of my “inner child fears”.
~ Sue Meissner

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